Manufacturing Process

Environmentally Friendly Production

Our products are manufactured in environmentally friendly production facilities. The goal is to enable a manufacturing process that is completely climate-neutral. This is what we are working towards as a company and trying to find more and more ways to protect the environment.


Eco-Conscious Materials

We only use ecological materials that are biodegradable. Our products thus become part of a cycle that protects the environment. Even after disposal, our products do not become a problem for the environment.

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Fair Working Conditions

The well-being of our workers is very important to us. For this reason, our production facilities are located exclusively in Europe. Only here can we ensure that working and safety conditions are observed. We clearly distance ourselves from exploitative manufacturing processes that often take place in emerging countries.

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Quality Control

Quality is traditionally a key feature of German products. For this reason, Gaeat, as a German company, is responsible for the production of clothing under the highest quality standards. Before a Gaeat product goes on sale, it is checked by our employees for
its quality and workmanship. Only a product that can pass these strict quality controls makes it onto our shelves. So we guarantee only the best quality for you.

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One Product = One Tree

Through our cooperation with Plant for the Planet, we actively contribute to environmental protection. For every Gaeat product sold, we donate a tree as part of our partnership with Plant for the Planet. In this way, we would also like to participate in environmental protection once our product has already left our production facilities.

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