Sustainability is one of our core principles here at Gracias. Our products are made from biodegradable materials to protect our environment and promote more sustainable consumerism. This sustainable way of thinking starts at the production process, where we only use environmental-friendly materials.

Environmental protection

Floods in Germany, wildfires in the Aegean, and global heat waves have shown that 2021 was no good year for our environment. Due to this, we have set our goals regarding the protection of our earth. This way of thinking starts with our production process: We exclusively use biodegradable materials and fabrics to create our garments.

Due to this, even the disposal of our products is environmentally responsible. In addition, our production process happens in manufacturing facilities that are low in emissions, making the production as friendly to our environment as possible.

Plant for the Planet

Through our cooperation with Plant for the Planet, we pledged to plant one tree for each product sold. This is our way of giving back. We want to aid in the reforestation of forests around the globe. Trees are one of our most effective ways to deal with CO2 emissions and must be protected at all costs.

However, catastrophes like the wildfires in Greece, Turkey, and other parts of Europe endanger our forest land and increase the harmful effects of greenhouse gases. Due to this, reafforestation is a critical process to battle CO2.
With every Gracias product you buy, you become a part of the fight against climate change.

Rethinking consumerism

Within the last few years, our society has embraced a wasteful style of consumerism. This has led to an increase in garbage production worldwide, culminating in more negative environmental effects. To battle this, we produce high-quality clothes tailored with longevity in mind: We want to make sure that a Gracias product does not end as waste a few months after purchase. Our garments are made to be worn for years.


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