GAEAT was founded in Germany in 2020. Our company offers sustainable clothing. At GAEAT, three things are paramount: sustainability, quality and design. These are the pillars of our company and the values ​​by which we and our employees act.

The idea of ​​founding GAEAT came to us in 2020. Driven by the declining quality of clothing, we decided to do something about it. Shortly thereafter, the
Gaeat Company was born. After careful planning
in 2020, in 2021 we started turning theory into practice: the first of our products rolled off the assembly line and were shipped to our customers. Since then, GAEAT products have stood for quality and environmental awareness.


Our Values


For us, the quality
of our clothing comes first. Our products are designed to be worn over a long period of time without sacrificing quality
. Only materials that meet the highest standards are good enough for our products, which are manufactured under strict guidelines and checked for their processing. As a result, you benefit from non-toxic and environmentally friendly clothing.

The working conditions are also part of this promise of quality. The reports of exploitation of workers who work under inhumane conditions in emerging countries are both shocking and chilling. We do not want to be part of this process. That is why our production facilities are located exclusively in Europe, where workers manufacture our clothing in compliance with working and safety conditions. A
fair payment of the producers is just as important to us as a fair treatment.

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Sustainability is one of the cornerstones of our corporate philosophy.
The founding of Gaeat was significantly influenced by the environmental situation. The climate crisis is a serious issue that affects us all. Due to fast-moving consumption, our society has developed into a
throwaway culture in which clothing is quickly used up and thrown away. However, the resulting waste is often a problem for the environment.

The materials used in our products are biodegradable. We want to ensure that our clothing can be disposed of without hesitation. In addition to
the promise of longevity, our products are still environmentally friendly after they are no longer worn.

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The design of our
clothes is an expression of our values. We make fashion-conscious clothing that combines functionality and sustainability with luxury and elegance. Our
designers have many years of experience, understand the zeitgeist and develop
appealing designs. The result is high quality garments that look good while being environmentally conscious.

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