Eligibility requirements for the Gracias Partner Program

Thank you for your interest in joining the Gracias Partner Program!


As a brand with exclusive character, we only work with selected influencers and content creators. To ensure the highest quality possible in all of our cooperations, we have set some guidelines for joining the program.


To qualify as a potential Gracias Partner, you must have


  • 200.000 followers on Instagram OR
  • 750.000 followers on Twitter OR
  • 500.000 subscribers on YouTube.


Please note that you only need to fulfill one of these requirements to qualify for the Gracias Partner Program. If you meet the required amount of followers/subscribers, you can apply via the form on our website. Afterward, we will check your application and contact you via email.


* Meeting the required amount of subscribers/followers is no guarantee that you can participate in the Gracias Partner Program. The invitation to the Program is at the sole discretion of Gracias GmbH.


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